Thursday, March 29, 2012

What I Learned - The Tickle Pink Inn

This is one classy joint - they even provide stationary! Who still does that?

When hotels claim good service as their benchmark they usually fall short – Tickle Pink did not.

When driving from Carmel to the Tickle Pink don’t follow your GPS when it says to take Fern Canyon Road. Stay on High Way 1 - you will see a sign for the inn that prompts you to turn.

It’s okay to stay in bed all day and watch the waves crash over the rocks.

It’s equally okay to sit on your deck and drink wine all day and watch the waves crash over the rocks.

I don’t know if you are supposed to but feeding the seagulls is fun!

After feeding the seagulls watching them stare you down is fun - for awhile.

Mingle and the evening reception – you never know who you will meet or what wonderful story they have to tell.

If the Tickle Pink is serving zucchini bread – then get as many pieces you can- it’s wonderful. Then overnight me some pieces!

Get over the sticker shock before you go – it’s expensive, and it will hurt you, but it is so worth it – and remember - you get what you pay for!!

Don’t fill your day with go go go activities. Stop, relax and enjoy! As the Tickle Pink Inn says -
 Restabit Fortis Arare Placeto Restat.

Click here for my photos of the Tickle Pink Inn.
And here too.

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