Sunday, March 4, 2012

Savannah - Trip Review - Part 1

Where does one go to get away for a special weekend? Well if one live in the ATL I would assume Savannah would be top choice. I mean after all it's 'Savannah! Savannah! Savannah!' - goes the chorus of the local tourist board ads in magazines and twitter feeds.

I decided to check it out and did the usual: followed the Savannah CVB on Twitter @VisitSavannah, liked their FaceBook page, studied their website and requested a 2012 visitors guide (in July and didn't receive until October?).

I have to admit I was pumped up. Daily tweets from strangers of memories and longings to return jammed my Twitter feed every few minutes. Pictures of incredible sunsets and great times were posted on FaceBook daily.In fact when Savannah was mentioned at all by a local and/or a one time visitor on any of these social media sites I immediately pictured the poster leaning back as if they were sitting on a porch sipping a cocktail. Savannah is their friend. Their good friend and they wanted me to know that Savannah was special.

After having lived in the Atlanta area for almost three years I had never road tripped down to Savannah. So we piled in the car and made the four hour trip. Anticipation ran high. I was really banking on this being the place that made me really glad I was only four hours away - close enough to enjoy yet far enough to not take it for granted.

There are many facets to Savannah. You have your Paula Deen fanatics, the frat boys in town to party on River Street, and Girl Scouts making their pilgrimage to the home of their founder Juliette Gordon Low and you have people that just want to sing Moon River all day long (that would be me!).

So I was surprised, amused, never shocked and only a wee bit disappointed in my first trip to the Hostess City of the South.

I know I know. You want pictures. I did too. I couldn't put the camera down. If anything this is a photo op city. So here is my Savannah trip review Part 1. Yes, part one because I took THAT many pictures!

This is just walking down the main drag - Bay Street.

Savannah is made up of 20 plus squares.

The architectural styles are broad and amazing. At various time I felt as if I were in Europe or Old Town Virginia.

Many of these shots were taken during the Architectural Tour of Savannah - one of the highlights of our trip.
It was a great two hour tour and I highly recommend you check it out!

I loved the green color on this house.

Here I felt like I was in Old Town Virgina.

Someone told me Jones Street was the cutest. It is!

I loved the detail on this gate.

The trees really reach across the roads.

There is still a very British feel to this city at times.

The Spanish Moss hanging from the trees is amazing - even in the winter time.

Check back for part two - I will review a condo I rented plus lots of restaurants!

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