Thursday, March 29, 2012

What I Learned - The Tickle Pink Inn

This is one classy joint - they even provide stationary! Who still does that?

When hotels claim good service as their benchmark they usually fall short – Tickle Pink did not.

When driving from Carmel to the Tickle Pink don’t follow your GPS when it says to take Fern Canyon Road. Stay on High Way 1 - you will see a sign for the inn that prompts you to turn.

It’s okay to stay in bed all day and watch the waves crash over the rocks.

It’s equally okay to sit on your deck and drink wine all day and watch the waves crash over the rocks.

I don’t know if you are supposed to but feeding the seagulls is fun!

After feeding the seagulls watching them stare you down is fun - for awhile.

Mingle and the evening reception – you never know who you will meet or what wonderful story they have to tell.

If the Tickle Pink is serving zucchini bread – then get as many pieces you can- it’s wonderful. Then overnight me some pieces!

Get over the sticker shock before you go – it’s expensive, and it will hurt you, but it is so worth it – and remember - you get what you pay for!!

Don’t fill your day with go go go activities. Stop, relax and enjoy! As the Tickle Pink Inn says -
 Restabit Fortis Arare Placeto Restat.

Click here for my photos of the Tickle Pink Inn.
And here too.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Tickle Pink Inn at Carmel Highlands - Part 2

Here is the continuation of the Tickle Pink Inn post.
I know I know. I took too many pictures.
If you missed Part 1 - click here!
Over on Part 1 there are pictures of the room and the absolutely amazing views.
Here on Part 2 we look at the evening wine and cheese reception and some more - you guessed it -views!

The Terrace Lounge. Always a fire going - so cozy!

The Terrace Lounge is where the Evening Reception and Breakfast are held.


Fresh flowers in the lounge daily.

Wine for the Evening Reception.

Coffee and non-alcoholic drinks for the Evening Reception.

Coffee, tea and juice for breakfast.

Breakfast spread.

If they put out the zucchini cake - then by all means eat some for me!

Outdoor deck.

There are heat lamps for those chilly winter nights!


Sunset from the deck. A little wine. A little cheese.
A little bit of Heaven.

Then there are your friends. Nice little guys.

They like to stare at you. After awhile they will go away if you want them too.

Monday, March 26, 2012

The Tickle Pink Inn at Carmel Highlands - Part 1

The Tickle Pink Inn is located just a 5 -10 minutes drive from Carmel.
It sits on the side of a hill affording amazing views of the Pacific Ocean.

From the outside it looks like motor court lodge from the past.
Inside you will find a very friendly and warm staff, terraced walkways leading you in all kinds of directions towards posh rooms and breathtaking views.

Come inside and take a look.
I know you will want to stay here.
I am so glad I did!

If you are relying on your GPS to get you here - do not take Fern Canyon Road.
If you follow Fern Canyon Road you will twist and turn for at least five minutes.

Then you will think 'Oh my. How am I going to do this at night'?
Don't worry. You don't have too.
From Carmel stay on HWY 1.
As you are heading towards the Inn you will pass a little general store.
Keep going.
HWY 1 will bend to the left ( a place where a lot of people stop to take pictures of the ocean).
Immediately after that you will see a sign on the left for the Hyatt which is locted next to the Tickle Pink Inn.
Turn left here!

The Room:

I chose an Ocean View Suite with king Bed, Balcony, Fireplace and Whirlpool Tub.
This is room 31.
The view of the bedroom from the Living Room.

Entering the room. There is a wet bar to your right.

The Living Room

The wet bar area as you enter. The Living Room and the fireplace are to the left. 
There is tea and coffee provided along with wine glasses.
There is also a small fridge in the bottom left cabinet.

Sunshine coming in from the balcony into the Living Room.
There is a flat screen TV and the Tickle Pink offers movie rentals as well.

Super amazingly wonderful most fantastic bed ever!
The Tickle Pink Inn calls it Pacific Dreams.
All I know is I want it!

Whirlpool tub in in the bedroom area.

Spacious bathroom.

Nice closet and vanity area.
Bathrobes and slippers are provided.

Large balcony.

Welcome champagne and chocolates.

The fireplace was ready to go with a Duraflame log.
Even if you used it the night before the staff replenished it with a new one the next day.
All you have to do is strike the match!

The Views:

I really wanted to be on the water. The need to watch the angry Pacific crashing onto the rocky coast was what I wanted.

I think I was successful in finding the perfect view.

Unless indicated all of these pictures were taken from the balcony of our room!

See the deck to the right? That is another property next door.
The Pacific's Edge restaurant is just beyond that property. 

There is a street below the Inn. You will hear road noise. It was never annoying enough that it made me mad, and I never heard it in the middle of the night.

I just cannot believe this view.

The walk way to our room.

This shot was taken as we walked to the evening reception.

There is even more!
Stick around for Part 2 with more pictures!
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