Friday, March 9, 2012

Savannah Trip Review - Part 2 - The Condo Life

Since this was a special occasion trip I decided to up the X Factor and go for a condo/apartment/vacation rental. I have had good luck renting apartments in the past and went to Trip Advisor to see what types of rentals were available in Savannah.I really wanted to be on the water so I decided on a (as described on Trip Advisor) a waterfront, jacuzzi, pet friendly condo.

I rented through the owner via Trip Advisor. The owner was quick to return my emails and I had a deposit on the place with in 24 hours.

About a month before our trip started the final payment was due and 5-7 days before leaving for Savannah we received an email from the owner with directions and how to access the condo/apartment.

There was absolutely no problem and or hassle in renting the condo.

Entry hall into the condo.

Walking towards the Living Room. The bedroom is on the right. You step up and there is not a door.

Nice kitchen with: microwave, oven, glasses, plates etc.

Living room looks towards the river. Nice lighting, but the ceiling is tin and a bit lower than normal.

Comfy couch.

The apartment is really nice with all the natural light, but is very dark at night. The owner did have night lights all around.

Putting the kettle on. There is coffee, assorted teas and sweeteners to get you started.

There is parking in the rear of the building (this is the view from the balcony). Be sure to watch the time or buy an all day pass if you are there during the week.

Partial view of the bridge from the balcony.

Large container ship going up the river. These go by often and are fun to watch.

As far as the apartment is concerned the living room, balcony, kitchen were wonderful. Nicely decorated and fully stocked.

The bathroom was quite large had tons of soft towels and had a separate tub and shower. Obviously I didn't love or hate it since I didn't take a photo of it!!!

The bedroom was a bit of a disappointment in that is was not a separate room. That's okay except the mattress on the bed tended to slope to the middle so it was not a really a good nights sleep. I am a really heavy sleeper, and I found it difficult to get comfortable. The bed reminded me of a Sheraton in Stockholm where the bed was obviously two singles pushed together. The hubby and I kept rolling into the middle. Funny now, but I don't remember laughing then!

So overall the condo was very nice. The only thing I could fault the owner on is the mattress.

Finding the condo was a bit of a challenge. As I stated above the owner did give us directions, and several different parking options. When you have never been somewhere before things at first are hard to digest. You are not sure where you are going or if you are in the right place. The GPS did help us along and we eventually found our way to the alley.

Yep, the alley.  Here's where I felt a bit disappointed and/or let down? Not sure which. We had to walk along a dark alley (there are lights for night time!) to find the front door.

Above: the alley.

Below: the front door to the condo.

Looking the other way down the alley.

These stairs are off Bay Street and they were the closes set to getting up to the main drag. I believe these may be referred to as the stairs of death? Just hold on!

I do have to say the condo is in a good location. It is very close to restaurants, the Chart House rrestaurant, the Hyatt Regency Savannah, and the Telfair Museum.

The back side of the condo is on River Street, and that was my biggest problem - noise. If you weren't woken by the street sweeper it was all the party people down on River Street. Just be forewarned if you stay here (and I'm not saying you shouldn't) just know if you aren't partying on River Street you will probably hear the partiers. Luckily the owner did have a white noise machine in the bedroom, and when I found it on the SECOND night or our trip - I slept much better!

The condo is in this building. See where the white car is on the left? Turn left, go between the car and the building and walk down the alley to the condo.

The condo is right past the green thing. Under the bridge.

Overall it was great being able to go back 'home' after a day of sightseeing and rest up for the evening. We bought snacks and adult beverages to enjoy in 'our' apartment as we watched the container ships glide by. I do find it funny that the container ships were quiet and we never heard them go by - we just happened to look up at the right time.

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