Monday, March 19, 2012

Savannah Trip Review - Part 4 - More Good Eats

Okay! Round two of the best eats consumed on the Savannah Trip!

For me there is nothing like a quaint little French Bistro. Preferably in the Jardin des Tuileries, but I will take what I can get. Luckily I found Papillote. Tres Maginifique!


We sipped champagne as we waited for our food.

The place is small so you may have to wait. You can even take your order to go!

Gruyere Mac & Cheese

A sandwich du jour!

Macaroons! Pistachio, lemon and Nutella.

After a tasty lunch at Papillote keep the French theme going by heading right down Broughton Street to the delightful and eclectic Paris Market.

I didn't take any pictures inside -I was too busy drinking my tea au lait, browsing, tapping my foot to the French music, and pretending I was in Paris.
So check out their website:

So I may have mentioned a few times in the previous Savannah posts that this was a special occasion trip.
It was my birthday, and I wanted to have a nice big dinner.
So I chose the Sapphire Grill.

We opted for the Six Course Chef's Tasting at Market Price.
We had no idea what were getting, but if sounded so very French. And
after our wonderfully French themed day if felt the right thing to have!

First Course - scallop. Very nice.

Second Course - Fish (white). Tasty. Well seasoned.

Third Course - Tuna. Really good. Probably my favorite.

Fourth Course -
I forget what this one was - it was my least favorite. Not bad just not something I would have
ordered for myself. Ha - this is the first time it hit me that I had no idea what I had ordered!

Fifth Course - Lamb. Very Nice!

Sixth Course - Dessert - Wonderful!

I really liked the Sapphire Grill. Our waitress was wonderful and gave us wonderful service.
There was a mix of really casually dressed people (jeans) and there was a four top where the
men were wearing tuxes.

My only complaint was that the manager (who sometimes delivered our food) was more interested
in the large Frat party that was to arrive 'any minute' than taking a few minutes to explain what our food was. He just plopped them down and went. Every time he walked by with a plate of food I was secretly hoping it wasn't ours!

Goose Feathers

This was a cute little cafe close to the condo we rented.
Read about our condo here.

It was cute and easy to order. Great for getting in and out if
 you are ready to get going on your day.

You order first before sitting down - FYI!

Lots of breakfast sandwich choices.

Breakfast sandwich with pesto.

The Six Pence Pub

So we all know how fond I am of a good little French Bistro.
Well, I am equally found of a great English pub.
We had spotted The Six Pence Pub when we started our 
Architectural Tour. We decided to head there after the tour as
we were tired, cold (in Savannah? I know!) and in need of a good beer! 

The pub was packed, but warm! And I enjoyed my time here.
It was what we needed at the right time.

The Reuben - really hit the spot!

Shepherd's Pie - really nice. I liked it.

Nice lineup of Toby Jugs - they even had one of the Queen!

The food options in Savannah are plentiful. You can go Southern, bar food all the way or find some French gems. We really only had one 'bad' meal and that was the second time around at Bernie's Oyster House (click here to read more).
My only negative experience was at the Moon River Brewing Company. We were completely ignored
by the bartender. She actually went and got someone else to serve us after she walked passed us at least five times. All we wanted was a beer. But, oh well the man who did serve us was nice enough.


  1. How many days were you in Savannah? You sure made it to a lot of eateries!!!

  2. I beieve we were there four days? Thursday - Sunday and it was cold so there wasn't much to do other than pop inside somewhere and get warm!

    1. Ahhh... cold weather is definitely inducive to enjoying good meals! ;o)