Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Savannah Trip Review - Part 3 - Good Eats

Well, we ate like pigs, Who doesn't on a trip!?
Here are some food highlights of Savannah, GA!

Bernie's Oyster House

Our first stop for our first time in Savannah.

We wanted to check out River Street and get a beer and a snack.

Bernie's is pretty small and pretty dumpy. Which is kind of cool!

We had a local beer from Moon River Brewing and some oysters.

The Oysters were good! And the beer was good as well.

I did look this place up on Yelp after we ate there and saw some pretty negative reviews.
We actually ate at Bernie's twice. At the beginning of the trip and at the end of the trip.
The second time around was not that great as we ventured away from the oysters and ordered off the menu.
What was consistent each time we visited was the staff drama unfolding behind the bar.
From family drama, bad attitudes and waitresses fighting over the same guy I dare say I might just go back for the show - as long as I get my beer!

Molly MacPherson's

I'm going to just say I love this place. After the drama at Bernie's we made our way to this 'pub'
I had it on my list of place to try and I wanted to see if it was really Scottish.

So far so good. We've go the Union Jack. The Scottish flag (St. Andrews cross) and the Royal Standard of Scotland

It was pretty cold (early February) and this place was warm and inviting.

Too bad the fire wasn't on!

It was a quite night, and most people were at the bar.

Good beer local and Scottish. And the single malts are displayed in English pourers - I felt like I was in Edinburgh!

Steak and Guinness Stew!

Bangers and mash!

Nice single malt for afters!

Had a nice time at Molly's. Talked to some locals had some great beer and whisky.
I definitely recommend a stop here. Hate ye back as they say in Scotland.
I can't wait to get back.

Some of the locals we met at Molly's recommended a good dive bar to round out the evening.

So that is how we found ourselves at The Rail Pub.

This place is fun. Peanuts on the floor. Tunes blaring from the digital jukebox. And again a good selection of beer.

Peanuts on the floor.
We just fed the jukebox and played darts.
Totally had the place to ourselves.
One of the benefits of going to Savannah in February!

After a night of whisky and dive bars one needs to start off with a good breakfast.
For us that place was B. Matthews.

The interior of this place is really cute.
We ate here twice during our trip.
Food was consistent.
Service was good both times.
Our second visit for breakfast was on Saturday.
The wait was tremendous and the hostess looked overwhelmed.
She clearly did not have control of what was going on and people who were really there first
were sat after people that had just walked in.

Poached egg with sausage and a biscuit (B. Matthew's Basic Breakfast).

The fruit served was huge!

Grits. I don't get grits! I think they are gross!

Really good biscuits and gravy.

Check back again for part 2 - More Good Eats! Are you hungry now?

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  1. Too much food!!! I might take myself to the kitchen now and find something to eat. You've made my mouth water! ;o)