Monday, January 16, 2012

Trip Review - Germany and OKTOBERFEST!

The Jet Lagged Vagabond has a friend from Chicago who travelled to Germany specifically to attend Oktoberfest. This is the real Oktoberfest. Not some local Mom & Pop place in your home town slapping down sausages while the Polka Band in the corner annoys you. This is the real deal. The real Germany. With real German beer. The authentic German experience!

Sadly, the Jet Lagged Vagabond has never been to Germany (it’s on the list), but I think it has moved up a notch from this trip report!

If you LOVE beer and even if you don’t check out her trip report and pictures below!

A city square in Frankfurt

Enjoying a glass of Frankfurt's famous apple wine!

The upscale town of Baden -Baden.

A super posh casino in Baden - Baden which is very popular. I wonder if James Bond has played a hand or two there?

The town of Bacharach - one of the many medieval towns along the Rhine River. I could insert a Burt Bacharach joke here but I won't.

The view of Bacharach from a Rhine River cruise. Best known for their Riesling and other sweet white wines, Bacharach has wine vineyards up and down all of the mountains as well as beautiful castles.

These tasty treats are found all over city centers and my Chicago friend declared, 'They are the best thing I have ever eaten!' All I want to know is - where is the beer? =)

Rotenburg - Our friend's favorite city of the trip.

A shot of Rotenburg from inside the city walls - I can see why it was her favorite city!

The night watchman of Rotenburg - he tours you around the entire city at night and tells you all about it's history and legends.

The entrance to Rotenburg from outside the city walls.


Munich! The home of OKTOBERFEST!


Hofbrau House Tent at Oktoberfest!


Inside the Lowenbrau tent.

BEER at Oktoberfest!

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  1. I love local festivals and am always ready to join in the party... but the Oktoberfest has only ever mildly intrigued me since I don't like beer! :p

    Nice photos! Looks like they had good weather.