Wednesday, February 6, 2013

From the Archives: Savannah, GA

Hard to believe it has been a year since my first ever trip to the Hostess City of the South – Savannah.

You can read my original posts here. And here. And here.

If I could do the trip all over again (or just simply re-visit) this would be the do/ do not list:

1.       Do shop at Paris Market

2.       Do take the Architectural Walking tour

3.       Do visit Bonaventure Cemetery – didn’t make it the first time around

4.       Do Walk Jones again –it was the prettiest

5.       Do take more of my alcoholic drinks to go in the provided plastic cups

6.       Do take even MORE pictures

7.       Do eat at Papillote

8.       Do pop into the art supply stores

9.       Do try to hit the small Mom & Pop restaurants   

10.   Don’t stay in a condo on River Street – too noisy

11.   Do enjoy the local Moon River beer but beware of their restaurant – did not have a friendly staff experience there


For the most part Savannah is a great little town. Lots of beautiful architecture and the main tourist area is small enough to walk.  There are lots of lovely shops, plenty of restaurants and serious amounts of night life.


  1. There are quite a few places I've visited that I'd love to return to as well! :o)

  2. It's a good problem to have! What places would you like to return too?

    1. Ouf! Now there's a LONG list! I'd love to return to a bunch of places I visited as a child and don't remember much of (Saudi Arabia, Cyprus, Rome, Jordan...), I want to go back to places that have fond family/friend memories associated with them and haven't been to in ages (Mexico, Canadian Rockies, Midwest US), I want to get a better look at some places I didn't get the chance to visit in full (Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Poland, Germany, Australia), and I'd love to revisit some places that are just simply amazing and I can't get enough of no matter how many times I've been (Madrid, Barcelona, Toledo, Granada, Paris, London, New Zealand...) :p

      But mostly I'll return to places where I have family or friends to visit... ;o)