Wednesday, March 20, 2013

London Travel Apps

I went a little app crazy (that is what happens when you receive iTunes gift cards)! I love travel apps, and I always download a good chunk of them to try out before traveling. I especially like to look for apps that can be used offline as you never know where you will receive decent Wi-Fi and who wants to pay roaming charges?

As always I start with Trip Advisor and Yelp apps when researching. I like the bookmark feature on Yelp so I can tag restaurants that look interesting and then research them later. I also always make sure my Wi-Fi Finder app is always up to date!

And Trip Advisor is a good tool, but I always take the reviews with a grain of salt. I do use the TA website more than the app – I’m not really feeling the app.

For the London portion of the trip I found these apps and am anxiously trying them out! 

mobiExplore GreatBritain:

A good general overview of Britain - along with the usual transport and hotel options it even explores haunted places, legends, secret Britain and World Heritage sites. I went in to the Discover option and found the Cotswolds. From there the app gave me options from the current weather to Top Trip Advisor attractions.  Good for a general overview.

Free on iTunes.

London Official Guide from

Broken out into: What’s On, Places, Map and Favourites

I really like the theatre listings under What’s On. You can view by map and just touch the pins on the area you are concentrating on for more information. That’s pretty much it. It probably is better used in conjunction with the Visit London website than a standalone app. I will use this to keep an eye on the theatre listing for now.

Free on iTunes.

Ulmon London

I am very excited for this app, and I really hope it lives up to my expectations! Fingers crossed!

This one sold me on the fact that once you download from the iTunes store it can be used completely offline. I have had other apps promise this and then they either don’t work or there is a hidden charge.

Depending on where the map is located you can search, use the Wiki Guide, find nearby, bookmark , and have Face Book or Twitter users follow you and trade recommendations. And there is a Tube/train map!

It did take quite awhile to download so best to do the process from the PC not your device.

Free on iTunes!!

Tube Map

It’s exactly what it says – a tube map. Find a station, plane a trip, and check for delays. And it supports Oyster cards which is what most tourist use when traveling around London. This map is solely for my inner map geek. I love maps. I love the Tube. Even if I am not in London I will be checking and looking at the map. Are the trains on time today? And I even received a notification that HRH The Duchess of Cambridge was at the Baker St Tube stop helping celebrate 150 years of the Underground. This does wonders for my Anglophenia!

Free on iTunes

Riverside London

Search the South Bank, Bank Side and London Bridge areas for absolutely anything. That’s good because I plan on spending a lot of time here! Is the Hayward Gallery sold out today? Maybe I do want to book a ride on the Eye with some champagne? It is a very nice looking app that has an appropriate amount of information and interactive maps (for use when you are there).

Free on iTunes

Vusiem British Museum

This one is for the husband who plans to spend as much time as possible at the British Museum.

Description from iTunes:
We have selected more than 800 objects for you to see at London’s most famous attraction. It is the most comprehensive collection outside the museum’s website. Objects are provided with an image, an exact location on the map, a detailed description, associated search tags and related Wikipedia links. There is no Wi-Fi at the museum. So, everything is preloaded for you and no connection is needed post download. Snazzy!

Free on iTunes

There are a lot more out there, and I had to stop myself! There is even an app to find street art in London. By location, style or artist but at $4.99 I decided against it - even though it sounds really cool!

What about you? Do you use apps? What are your favorites? Any recommendations?

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