Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Tickle Pink Inn at Carmel Highlands - Part 2

Here is the continuation of the Tickle Pink Inn post.
I know I know. I took too many pictures.
If you missed Part 1 - click here!
Over on Part 1 there are pictures of the room and the absolutely amazing views.
Here on Part 2 we look at the evening wine and cheese reception and some more - you guessed it -views!

The Terrace Lounge. Always a fire going - so cozy!

The Terrace Lounge is where the Evening Reception and Breakfast are held.


Fresh flowers in the lounge daily.

Wine for the Evening Reception.

Coffee and non-alcoholic drinks for the Evening Reception.

Coffee, tea and juice for breakfast.

Breakfast spread.

If they put out the zucchini cake - then by all means eat some for me!

Outdoor deck.

There are heat lamps for those chilly winter nights!


Sunset from the deck. A little wine. A little cheese.
A little bit of Heaven.

Then there are your friends. Nice little guys.

They like to stare at you. After awhile they will go away if you want them too.

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