Monday, October 18, 2010

Bonnie Scotland -Trip Review - Part 1

Haste ye back! That is what they say in Scotland and quite frankly I don't know what took us so long. It had been nine years since we last visited. I will make sure it doesn't take that long next time!

The trip had four parts:

Edinburgh - 2 days
Kyle of Lochalsh/Isle of Skye
Edinburgh - 4 days

Get Ready for picture overload because I think we would all prefer that over me droning on!

Tennants the local brew from Glasgow.

Deacon Brodie's where we had dinner on the first night and several drinks over the trip.

A view of Edinburgh across Princes Street Gardens

Hilly Edinburgh

Glorious Edinburgh Castle

Scott monument and the Balmoral Hotel

Edinburgh Castle from Princes Street Gardens

Beautiful Edinburgh

The Fountain in Princes Street Gardens and one of our favorite churches.

Autumn colors in Edinburgh

The Scottish flag.

Graveyard of our favorite church looking up at Edinburgh Castle.

Our favorite wee pub at the foot of Edinburgh Castle.

Looking down the Royal Mile toward Holyrood Palace.

Coat of Arms.

A shop advertising the Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Tartan.

Can't we just leave her alone? Sad really.

A new find - a pub that serves Budvar a Czech Republic beer! Yum!

Arthur's Seat next to Holyrood Palace.

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  1. Welcome home. Great pictures. It sounds like your trip was all you hoped it would be. Kay