Thursday, October 28, 2010

Quirky Scotland - Part 1

My favorite thing about travel is all the crazy unusual things you come across. Here is Quirky Scotland Part 1. Check back next Thursday for Part 2!

This is on the wall at Waverly Train Station in Edinburgh. You pay 30 p to well pee and for 1 pound you can flat iron your hair.

This is a statue outside St. Giles Cathedral. It is easily over 15 feet tall. I wonder why there is a yellow hazard cone on top of it?

While pondering the statue question a wedding party exited the church. Seeing the huge purple tattoo on the maid of honor's back I somehow don't think this was the right dress for her.

It also alarmed me how quickly she lit up a cigarette. I'm no Sherlock but perhaps this wasn't the happiest of weddings.

There's nothing like hiking and coming across a lone bathtub!

I don't know why this sign needs a fake bird, but I love it!

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