Thursday, October 21, 2010

Bonnie Scotland - Trip Review - Part 4

Just a short drive from Kyle of Lochalsh, Plockton is a wee village filled with palm trees and breathtaking beauty. We visited Plockton three times. During one of our visits we hiked around the bay and up to Duncraig Castle.

The view from Plockton.

The main street of Plockton.

A lone phone box.

Duncraig Castle from Plockton.

Palm trees in Plockton.

Another phone box.

A cute little friend hanging out in Plockton.

He has a nice view!

The start of the hike.

Hiking around the bay.

Crossing under the rail tracks.

Looks like Middle Earth.

I kept expecting a Hobbit to run past me.

I love the fake bird on this sign!

Duncraig Castle.

A nice pub lunch at the Plockton Inn Bar after a long and muddy hike!


  1. As always great photos.

    Funny story: Long before he met me (with my common sense), my hubby BOUGHT one of those red phone booths in England and had it shipped home. He thought it'd make a good aquarium, but it didn't (duh) so he put it outside his office. Years later (about the time he met me) he sold it online to someone on the west coast. The buyer paid the shipping.

  2. Wow! That would certainly be a neat looking aquarium! I hate to know how much that shipping cost. We sent a medium size box home through the Royal Mail. It was so expensive and the box arrived yesterday - 16 days later than they said. At least it made it!