Thursday, August 26, 2010

My Brush with Greatness

Do you remember when David Letterman had a segment on his show called Brush with Greatness? Audience members would stand up and tell Dave about an encounter they had with someone famous.

I have actually been lucky (and sometimes) not so lucky to have had some famous encounters.

Here is one of my favorites.

Since I was a little kid I have been into European Royalty. I loved Princess Diana and after she died there wasn’t really anyone to watch. [Side note: can you believe Diana will have been dead for 13 years next week?]

In 2004 the Crown Prince of Denmark, Frederik, married an Australian woman named Mary Donaldson. They are a very cute and glamorous couple, and I enjoy reading about them.

Mary has become my new favorite European Princess. She is not very well known in the US, but she is big in Europe. I had always wanted to go to Denmark and after reading so much about it while following Mary in the magazines my husband and I visited Copenhagen in 2006.

Denmark is a truly wonderful little country. We enjoyed our time there visiting the famous Tivoli Amusement Park and numerous castles. I would like to say that Mary spotted me in the crowd during one of our visits, and asked me into the palace for a cup of tea – sadly no she did not.

Who knew that in order to meet European Royalty one only had to attend the Sustainable Energy Conference at Dana College? I mean really. What was I thinking by going to Denmark? I watched the changing of the guard at Amelianborg Castle. Was I really thinking that I may run into Mary? Silly me!

However, flash forward to March of 2009 to the little town of Blair, NE and that is where the Brush with Greatness happened.

I found a comment on a royalty website that announced that Mary and Frederik would be attending the conference at Dana College. I about passed out. It had to be a joke. Seriously? How could they practically be in my backyard? In Nebraska of all places?

Needless to say I went. I saw. I met both of them. It was an absolute dream come true. Both Mary and Frederik were very kind and clearly very happy to be visiting. I’m sure they have forgotten that day because they do this type of thing often. Yet I won’t ever forget this brush with greatness!

All pictures taken by The Jet Lagged Vagabond

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