Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Review – The 57th Fighter Group Restaurant

This WW II themed restaurant is located in North Atlanta right next to the Peachtree DeKalb Airport. As you turn off the main road and drive down the twisty path that leads to the actual restaurant you are immediately greeted with Army vehicles that look like they were surplus props from a scene in MASH.

The exterior of the restaurant is a long white building that looks like a bombed out German farmhouse. More Army trucks, jeeps and even a fighter jet sit out front.

Inside the front door you are greeted with WW II songs and speeches as you make your way through a hall lined floor to ceiling with sandbags into the cozy farmhouse lobby complete with a large fireplace.

The 57th Fighter Group Restaurant runs parallel with the runways of the Peachtree DeKalb Airport so all the tables are afforded great views of the planes coming in and taking off.

If the entertainment of the planes weren’t enough the rest of the place is filled with WW II photos, posters and knick knacks. Even the bathrooms have Sir Winston Churchill piped in with a rousing speech of ‘our finest hour’.

Service is always top notch and friendly. The kitchen is open air and the chefs are always working hard. When sitting outside at the Enlisted Officers Bar the bartenders always shake your hand and ask your name. Somehow I don’t think the Army was ever this nice?

What is nice are the beer cheese soup and the 6oz fillet Mignon with blue cheese on top. Absolutely the best steak I have had in Atlanta –hands down! In fact it is so good I always get that and nothing else when I go there. I may be missing out on something else spectacular, but I guess that is my loss!

An evening at the 57th Fighter Group Restaurant is a history filled nostalgic trip to the 1940s. It has good food a wonderful atmosphere and the enjoyment of the airport comings and goings. You can even take a ride in the bright yellow biplane that parks in front of the restaurant. It’s always fun to watch the people before they get in and after they come back. Windblown and all everyone comes back happy.

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  1. Hi H,
    I'll have to check this out the next time I'm in ATL. It reminds me of 101st Airborne we used to have here in Nashville, but unfortunately it closed.

    Great photos (as always)