Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Dragon Con 2012 Parade

Ah! Who doesn't love a parade! Especially when the parade has Klingons, Wookies, numerous variations of Dr. Who and Hagrid himself!

For most people the Saturday morning parade is the highlight of Dragon Con weekend. Even the locals who don't attend the convention festivities turn out for some good old fashion out of this world parade time.


Stan Lee!

Dean Cain!!







Amazing!! Hagrid is real!!


Lou Ferrigno!!!


  1. The Convention hosts a parade?!?!?! FUN!!! Are the people parading all regular folks attending the Con? In that case who watches it? Those who went without a costume?

  2. Most people in the parade are Con attendees. The people watching are Con goers and a lot of locals here in Atlanta that don't attend the Con. The Con takes place over Labor Day Weekend which is the last weekend in August. It is a 4 day weekend - like a bank holiday. During that weekend college football starts - so there are atleast 3 games happening in downtown Atlanta. So downtown is PACKED with people. A lot of locals come to the parade then go watch the parade.

  3. Ooops - I meant a lot of locals watch the parade then go watch football! Ha!

  4. Sounds like an intense weekend for the locals!!! ;o)