Thursday, October 11, 2012

Le Reve Hotel - Santiago, Chile

The boutique hotel, Le Reve, was the first stop during a nearly two-week stay in Santiago, Chile. Located in the neighborhood of Providencia this charming and wonderfully placed hotel provided exceptional service and made Santiago feel like a little piece of Europe.

The original plan was to have Le Reve provide transportation from the airport. However due to a lack of communication on both ends - the driver did not show and a taxi had to be taken from the airport to the hotel for about 18,000 Chilean Pesos.

After being hounded by numerous taxi drivers there was one particularly insistent taxi driver who got the job. He somehow got everything situated in his very small cab that look like it belonged to Mr. Bean.
The ride into Santiago was pleasant and quick. Traffic was not a problem and Gabriel from the front desk of the Le Reve was all smiles. He quickly apologized for not providing transportation and explained that the hotel was having email problems and received a bounce back of the email sent with flight information.

Gabriel let it be known that there was a suite available for an upgrade.  However the new room location was on the backside of the hotel.  The Trip Advisor reviews of the Le Reve stated that a nightclub on the back side of the hotel was a particular problem.  Gabriel gave many assurances that the nightclub noise had been resolved.

There was absolutely no language barrier with the check-in process.  The entire staff was very professional - even the maids wore the black dresses with the white aprons. O la la!
Once inside the room a plastic card is inserted into a device on the wall to turn on the electricity.
First stop -  a lovely sitting area which has a couch, a writing desk, a flat screen TV, and a view of the street Orrego Luco.


The bathroom was large and spacious as well as the bedroom.

 The first two nights there was not a noise to be heard. On the third night there was a very faint thumping - probably the dreaded night club, but it wasn't enough to cause a lack of sleep.
The view from the bedroom was of a lovely courtyard.


Downstairs past the lobby there is a large and very tastefully decorated living area where breakfast is served each morning.

Also in the evenings there are snacks and an honor bar.

The Le Reve is truly a gem of a boutique hotel. The location is on a side street just off the main shopping street. The side streets in either direction of the hotel are full of small hotels and really good restaurants.




  1. Definitely looks like a lovely hotel! But did you really spend 2 whole weeks in Santiago?! Seems like a lot to me... or did you use it as a hub to do day trips?
    When was this trip?

  2. Yes, we used Santiago as a hub and did three day trips: Valparaiso, a horseback riding tour that took us eastt and a wine tour that took us south. This trip took place Sept 19 - Oct 1st. We will do the Pantagonia region at some point. Going south would have added addotional flying and driving time to the 9 hour flight that got us to Santiago - so we decided to just day trip it and relax!

  3. Relaxing is good! I would have loved that horseback riding tour! :o)