Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Atlanta Food Truck Scene

Turn on any food and/or travel related channel on the television, and I am sure you will see at least 30 minutes devoted to food trucks. No longer do these trucks pull into parking lots to serve the working masses boring hamburgers and sandwiches. Food trucks have gone 21 Century with gourmet fare and tweets to disclose their whereabouts.

Okay - so I've watched a minute or two of food related TV. It has made me wish for the day I could eat from a food truck.

Seriously. I want to.

Have you seen the one that used to be a school bus? It offers in door (or in seat) dining.

Or how about the one with Pierogies? Pizza? Lobster rolls? Chicken and waffles?

If you can think of it, cook it and get yourself a stylish set of wheels then chances are you will have a successful food truck!

Unless you live in Atlanta. Unfortunately the food truck scene has been slow to roll in the ATL.

There are food trucks to be had in Atlanta. Really neat ones that are ready to serve. The problem here is that the city is hindering the hipness with too many restrictive ordinances. The Atlanta Street Food Coalition was formed and progress has been made.

Finally after a long wait we get food trucks.

The Food Truck Park has opened. It is a daily spread of at least 15 trucks and a farmer's market on the weekends. Lovely. I saw a food truck trailer park in Austin last year. Never did I dream that Atlanta would follow.

Piedmont Park  hosted a Food Truck Festival with the top ten food trucks of Atlanta.

There was the British cuisine truck with fish & chips and bangers & mash.

The Fry Guy - serving Belgian style fries. Nice hot fries with all kinds of dipping sauce.

The Pup Truck with all kinds of hot dogs:

There was even Puerto Rican fare - beans, rice and meat.

There were also cupcake vendors, local beer and The King of Pops was on hand.  I love the King of Pops. Not really a food truck more of a food cart they are a welcome relief in the hot and humid Atlanta summer. The Lime Watermelon is my favorite.

I would say the Food Truck Festival was a hit considering I had to stand in any line for up to 30 minutes. Not so great when you are in middle of summer in Hotlanta.

And there has been more good news for the food truck scene. According to the local paper many of Atlanta's food truck have been filmed for various food TV shows. Hurrah! 

One of the best things about Atlanta is the food scene. There are always new and interesting restaurants in every corner of this city. I am so glad to see that the food trucks can finally be a part of that!

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  1. lol! A Belgian Fry truck? I had my fill of those when I loved there! Frites on every corner almost! :p