Friday, September 30, 2011


I have just returned from a fabulous if not quick first time trip to Seattle. I will definitely be heading back to the Pacific North West! What a lovely place to be. Fresh air, lots of sunshine, good food, great beer and best of all great people!

Yep -they really throw the fish here. And I was surprised to learn that locals do buy their seafood here as well!

By the time our plane landed, rented the car and made our way downtown we were starving. We ducked into the the first restaurant we found. We literally turned around from the Pike Place Fish Market and walked into this place. It had windows looking out on the water.

I had no idea it was the restaurant from Sleepless in Seattle.

In case you can't see it says: Tom Hans sat here Sleepless in Seattle

We started with the appetizer of baked goat cheese.

Then we clogged our arteries with fried food (hey come on we've been good - we deserved a splurge!)

And my first taste of a local beer - Seattle lager. It hit the spot!

The food was okay not bad not out of this world. The view was nice and made up for the indifferent service- hey come on its a tourist spot.

The next day's food adventure took us to La Vita e Bella.

This time I tried the Alaskan Amber. Tasty!!

First we have the Spaghetti Porro -
This my friends is the BEST pasta I have ever eaten! Truly flavorful and my lunch companion agreed and she's been to Italy molti molti times.

And we have the Penne Pesto - mmmmmm- so good. Again the flavor is superb!

And then we had the dud - which was mine! Ha that's what I get for trying to watch my carbs after the fried food pig out of the previous day (see Athenian Restaurant above).
I had the Sofia Loren. No where like the original! Stick with the pasta here!

Wow the gluttony continues with brunch at the Space Needle.

Now the Jet Lagged Vagabond has been fortunate enough to dine at three rotating restaurants in the sky. Can anybody name the other two???

The view going up the elevator.

The views (remember we rotate!)

Now for the food! I learned my lesson from the Sofia Loren Panini debacle (can you tell I am bitter?).

Clam Chowder


Eggs Benedict

Dungeness Crab Mac & Cheese - Oh Yeah!!

Chicken stuffed with cheese

Regular Mac & Cheese

Macadamia Nut Bread Pudding



One of the fun things done as the Space Needle rotates - diners leave objects or notes hoping someone will respond.

Money in case you forget to tip your server or if you need more sweetener.

And here is the best one - I guess they took the money and not the sweetener!!

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