Friday, June 25, 2010

Two Brothers Tap House –Review

Two Brothers Brewing company is a family owned brewery hidden deep in the suburbs of West Chicago. If you are lucky enough to live in the Chicagoland area you have probably tried their beer, but did you also know that they have a restaurant? Probably not.

The eatery is located inside the same industrial building as the brewery. No neon signs to let you know where they are located. About the only thing that will get you there is a GPS and a wish and a prayer that the local that told you about the place was right and not yanking your chain. Hint: look for the line of cars parked on both sides of the street along a quiet and clearly not marked street somewhere in the middle of nowhere.

The owners – the Two Brothers- have a love of beer and even spent time in Europe loving and drinking the great beer there. That experience inspired them to start their own brew house that eventually spawned a small restaurant.

You can see (err taste) their inspiration in the Domaine Dupage French Country Ale one of the six beers available all year long. And let me tell you it is one tasty treat. It hits you right in the back of your throat quenching all your days’ worries along with any thirst that has been bothering you as well.

A long with the standards there are also Seasonal Selections. My favorite being the Dog Days Lager. A nice light treat that goes well with the end of a day and a nice meal.

Oh yes, the food. Quite tasty. I had the Queso de Cabra – goat cheese in tomato sauce and the Doamine Dupage French Country Ale. Highly recommend that. And for dinner it was The Brewer’s Ruben and – you guessed it- another French Country Ale.

If you are every in the area please try and find this place. It’s worth it!

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