Thursday, July 8, 2010

Ann Sather Café – a Review

Ann Sather Café is a wonderful little breakfast place in Chicago with a Swedish background. Known for it’s out of this world cinnamon rolls this too is one of those can’t miss places in Chicago. So can’t miss that after a night of partying after winning the Stanley Cup members of the Blackhawks ate here (and no doubt sobered up here as well)! I’m not quite sure what they had to eat, but I had the Swedish Sampler: Swedish pancake with lingonberry sauce, one egg, Swedish meatball (Oh yeah it rocked too), potato sausage (my least favorite – they can’t all be stars) and two (TWO!) cinnamon rolls. OMG – I can taste it now! Heavenly. The lingonberry sauce was so spot on to what I had in Sweden – I could almost insist that we were in Stockholm. The meat balls in it’s warm brown tasty sauce was so not like the meatballs at IKEA. It was an all around superbly Swedish delight. Fantastiska!

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  1. Those cinnamon rolls are to DIE for. Makes me wish I was in Chicago.